Spoken English

The Spoken English course are designed by us lays emphasis on the development of the spoken skills. It encourages the students to break the shell and be confident. The course is designed by keeping in mind the level of understanding of an individual. It gradually increases the capacity of the understanding of the students and enables them to speak English fluently. You can easily approach us and at the end you will realize that we are the best spoken The course is designed for those students who have poor understanding of the language. The course is designed to gradually increase their level of understanding. The course has the text books that contain passages to enhance their basic knowledge. The course teaches the students about the tenses, make them able to describe people, places and things. It also helps them in day-to-day conversations. At the end of the course you will be able to understand English Language and also communicate efficiently.

Monthly Fee: 29.5 OMR/-

Course Duration: 1 months